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No Herbicide.  No Pesticide.  No Fertilizer.
Not even pulling weeds, swatting mosquitoes, not even applying poop (manure) on the fields!  No Traps, No Poisons.
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FREE Samples of ANY Product Available Upon Request!
   Ordering Produce
Ordering produce is very easy!  You have three choices for getting your produce:

1) Order FREE Home Delivery
What could be easier?  You don't even have to be home to accept delivery (we can leave it in a cooler on your doorstep)!  To order free home delivery, simply use your e-mail, telephone or US Mail to tell us what you want, how much of it you want, when you'd like it delivered and to where.  Our produce is then delivered from our fields to your table.

FAQ: Where is your delivery area?
Click here to see a map of the locations that our Coastalfields delivery truck regularly delivers to.  If you live outside this area, a special delivery can be scheduled!  Contact us for more information.

FAQ: Are all deliveries free?
ANSWER: All orders over $20 may be delivered with no delivery charge within our regular delivery area.  Orders under $20 are charged a $5 delivery fee.  Orders outside our regular delivery area sometimes have a delivery charge.

FAQ: What can I order?
ANSWER: You can order any of the products we grow.  If it is not in season, we will remember your order and deliver it when it is in season.

2) Pick Your Own
Our farm is an easy 2 hour drive from Denver (click here for driving directions).

Check out our online list of
currently available produce to see what we have ready for you to pick!  Contact us to schedule a day of horseback rides, pick your own, or other farm activities that you and your family will enjoy: each farm adventure is customized to make the memories your family will cherish for a lifetime, and teach the lessons of an entire school year.

FAQ: Is there a minimum or maximum number of people required for a pick your own farm adventure?
ANSWER: No: we will set up customized adventures even for just one person, or for a school of more than 100 students.  Each adventure is a unique, private experience tailored to your individual needs.

FAQ: Are the elderly and handicapped welcome or able to participate?  Are very young children?
ANSWER: Yes.  Not all of farming is very physically demanding, and though we rarely have to adapt to overcome the unique difficulties an individual faces, we are able to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves and learns a lot on their day out at the Coastalfields Farm.

3) Order for pick-up at Coastalfields
Orders of any size can be picked up at our farm .  Just contact Coastalfields and let us know what you want, how much of it you want, and when you want to pick it up: we arrange everything for you.
Notification of Future Harvests

Want to know what produce is available this week and subscribe to the free monthly
Coastalfields Cultural News?  It's easy and makes ordering produce easier: just respond to the email with your order!

1) Send Coastalfields an
e-mail with "Notify Me of Future Harvests" in the subject line, and in the text of the message let us know if there are any products you are especially interested in, whether you'd like information on visiting our farm, growing your own food, eating better or more affordably, or any of our other services and products.

2) Or, you can call Coastalfields at (720) 207-3642 and let us know all the same information, plus the best way to contact you (whether it is by phone or e-mail).
Raccoons leave evidence of their presence as easily as people do.  Coastalfields works with wildlife to secure your harvest.  Learn more!