The process - and progress - of civilization

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The name and purpose of Coastalfields:

The name "Coastalfields" is a synthesis of "Choate" and "Brachfeld:" Choate, the ancient western European word for "coast," and Brachfeld, the comparatively contemporary German word for "fallow field."

Together, the fallow field and the coast represent the opportunity of imagination and hard work, of endless potential and undeniable discovery.  The Coastalfields are a synthesis of old and new, of logical progress.  To the ancients, these were places for the foundation and meetings of civilizations.  Today they remain so: Coastalfields sets its efforts towards the growth, diffusion and preservation of civilization.

Agriculture is the foundation of economy, government and society; civilization cannot grow better than when well fed and when well aware of its interconnectedness to other life - people do not grow better than when working with other people and with other types of life.  Agriculture is a cultivation of the land enabled by a cultivation of the human spirit; agriculture is the process - and progress - of civilization.

Farm, Ranch and Education:

Coastalfields offers affordable farm fresh produce for FREE or low-cost delivery to homes, restaurants and businesses nation-wide.  Coastalfields grows all its food, using no herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, traps or poisons.  

Coastalfields is transitioning to using equine power.  Soon all produce will be grown fossil fuel free!

Coastalfields also provides educational products and services to individuals, families, schools and organizations.  Coastalfields is always undertaking research and development, and has 
internship and other educational programs available to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge required for a financially independent, healthy life. 

The Coastalfields Press publishes books and periodicals.  Clin d'Oeil

, an imprint of the Coastalfields Press, focuses on our visual world; Feral Books, also an imprint of the Coastalfields Press, provides an affordable custom-publishing opportunity to authors.  For all the news from Coastalfields and Bumblebee Feeds, you are welcome to check out the Coastalfields and Bumblebee News

Aaron Brachfeld and Mary Choate own and operate Coastalfields.  They are helped in their work by their mules...and the innumerable wild animals and plants that make their home in the Coastalfields and Bumblebee fields.

Aaron began research and development in 1997 into plant and animal behavior and their relation to ecological sciences.  Meanwhile, Mary was undertaking studies into animal psychology and its applications to equine sciences.  When they met in 2001, they combined efforts to develop a better method of agriculture which improves upon the works of Jethro Tull's Horse Hoeing Husbandry and Masanobu Fukuoka's Natural Farming.  They have begun publishing their work, and it is available for free online through the Coastalfields Press.

In their spare time, they enjoy playing a good game of petanque, reading, listening to Bach and Vivaldi, cooking (both are award winning chefs) and painting.  Their mutual love of nature motivates their continuing efforts into perfecting agriculture and new fuel systems.

Kit and Kate are both mules.  Their fathers were a donkeys and their mothers were Belgian draft horses.  They have known and worked with each other since they were foals, and are very good friends.  They met Aaron and Mary in 2007 when they were purchased in Colorado and have been helping with the farm work ever since.  In their spare time, they enjoy listening to Beethoven, Mozart and Elvis, and eating raisens and dried apples.  They also like an occasional ear rub.

Kat and Pat are mules and also sisters.  Their father was a donkey and their mothers were Belgian draft horses.  They met Aaron and Mary in 2007 when they were purchased in Kentucky and have been helping with the farm work ever since.  In their spare time, they listen to Vivaldi, Bach and Buttersworth, eating grain and timothy hay. 

Though not all the chickens and geese are named, some of the familiar faces you'll see when visiting Coastalfields are the roosters (who defend and support their hens while they work and provide a new generation of chicks for the next year's egg production).  Curly and Mountain (Black Austrolorps), George and Poopy (Americanas), Goober (an Ancona), Bully (a buff Orpington) and others are busy all day long keeping productivity up by managing their hens.  We have dozens of breeds of chickens and geese and are in the process of producing a better breed adapted to the challenges of a variable-climate world.

Our bees are, of course, too numerous to name.  We raise Italians, Russian-Italians and native (domesticated) wild bees.  We keep them inside to protect them from the wind in a "bee house," an innovation of our own creation.