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No Herbicide.  No Pesticide.  No Fertilizer.
Not even pulling weeds, swatting mosquitoes, not even applying poop (manure) on the fields!  No Traps, No Poisons.
Farm Adventures
Pick Your Own

Set up your very own farm adventure!
At Coastalfields, you can
pick your own produce, enjoy mule drawn rides, nature walks, bicycle tours, learn how to farm and make your own food or find food in the wild, take some fun educational classes, just sit back and relax or do much, much more! 

Learn about farmlife, wildlife and what they mean to your own life while enjoying the Colorado outdoors.

Farm adventures are scheduled by apointment and individualized for you! 
Contact us to set up time for you, your family, your friends, your school, your business or your religious organization! 
Pick-Up Locations
Free Delivery Area

Below you'll see the locations that Coastalfields regularly delivers to, as well as the locations of our distributors at which you can pick up Coastalfields Products.  You can also pick up from us directly at our farm (also on the map).

If you live outside this delivery area or cannot pick up from our distributors,
contact us to know and we can schedule a special delivery, either by our Coastalfields F350 vegetable oil powered truck, or by US Mail! 

All orders over $20 in our delivery area get FREE home delivery!  Orders under $20 will be charged a $5 delivery charge.
Do you live outside our free delivery area?  You can STILL recieve delivery!  We have several options for you.

1) Coastalfields Delivery Truck.  We charge $50/hr ($25/hr both ways - we pay our labor living wages and require two laborers per delivery vehicle for safety) and $0.50/mile from the edge of our free delivery area.  Ask for a free quote! 
2) USPS.  Because our produce is fresh, it can be shipped very well overnight express (and much of it can even be shipped two-day or even three-day mail).  Ask for a free quote!

And, if neither of these options work for you, you can schedule an on-farm pick up! 
Contact us to schedule a pick up.